Wildwood boardwalk’s $4 Million Renovation Project Tour

I’m sure by now you may be sick of us talking about the Wildwood boardwalk’s $4 Million Renovation Project that is well underway, but today we are doing something a bit different…we filmed a full video going over the details (video is at the bottom of the article).

Back in February of this year, The State of New Jersey announced their budget would hold some money to help repair the Wildwood Boardwalk.

City officials said in 2019 that the Wildwood Boardwalk needs to go through a $45 million reconstruction project.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy met with Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron met many times since then and came up with a plan.

This plan would be a five-year project which will see the refurbishment of different sections of the Wildwood Boardwalk. The hopes would be that between state funding and grants, the city would get $4 Million a year to renovate the existing boardwalk.

This refurbishment would require workers to tear down the wood and the tramcar roadway and fix up the existing concrete base.

The project, once completed, would only cost a fraction of the original estimate since new concrete bases wouldn’t have to be constructed. The best part is that this project will not bring a rise in taxes to the island.

Phase one of the project starts at Oak and heads down to Maple.

On November 11th we put an article online saying that this project is underway and it turned out that not many people knew it was going on.

To help answer questions we figured a video walking tour of the construction project would be best.

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