Milkweed Table And Market Is Coming To Wildwood!

Back in October of 2020, our buddy at 42Freeway announced that that Milkweed Table and Market was coming to the Wildwoods.

Milkweed Table and Market is a boutique brunch restaurant located in Pitman, New Jersey. It was started by Sister-in-laws Alexandra and Elena Convery.

Milkweed Table And Market Is Coming To Wildwood!

Milkweed Table And Market Is Coming To Wildwood!

Their menu features farm-to-table dishes including homemade pierogis, sweet potato pancakes, candied bacon bananas foster waffles, prosciutto, fig and mozzarella sandwich and so much more.

Their original game plan was to open it in Summer 2021 at 4000 Pacific Ave in Wildwood. This location was home to Bonelli’s Market.

Bonelli’s Market was an iconic Italian market that first opened in the Wildwood in 1929. Sadly Bonelli’s closed in 2014 and not much action had taken place at that location.

Since Milkweed Table’s original 2020 announcement nothing had been heard on if they were still coming to the Wildwoods until yesterday.

In a post shared on their Instagram stories, Elena showed us that she was visiting Bonelli’s Market location to get design ideas together.

Elena went on to say “so looking forward to designing this space.”

We do know that their other location in Pitman had also been delayed due to the pandemic. In a post online they stated that “doing construction and trying to open a restaurant during a pandemic with all of the restrictions, supply chain delays, and staffing difficulties is really hard.”

While there isn’t an official date on when Milkweed Table And Market will open, we are very excited for them!

This is just one of many new businesses that are popping up on Pacific Avenue.

Right now Pacific Avenue is going through a full revitalization. There are four blocks facing Pacific avenue that will be under construction for new houses and businesses.

You can check out some of those projects in our monthly construction update video below.

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