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Cape Square Entertainment Center Update – Rio Grande Movie Theater

Cape Square Entertainment Center Update – Rio Grande Movie Theater

It is yet again time to give you guys an update on the brand new Cape Square Entertainment Center in Rio Grande New Jersey.

The last time there was a major update was in May 2021. In that video update, we toured the property and gave you details on where things will be placed.

If you want to watch that update video to compare with our new video go ahead and click the link below.

Cape Square Entertainment Center May 2021 Update

For those who are unaware of this project, it is taking place at the old Frank’s Rio theater which was located at 3801 Rte 9 S #1 in Rio Grande.

In September 2018 Frank’s Theaters, unfortunately, went bankrupt. This bankruptcy meant that our local location was going to close and be sold off.

In late 2020 it was announced that the Cape Square Theater, which was later rebranded as the Cape Square Entertainment Center, will be taking its place.

Cape Square Entertainment Center will be a Mecca of entertainment. At this one property, we will see a bowling alley, virtual golf, new theaters including IMAX, a restaurant, and a lounge.

In our May 2021 video, we told you that Cape Square Entertainment Center was planning to be open in late 2021 aka December.

In today’s video, we give you a tour of their progress and a side-by-side comparison of what the blueprints look like. Before you watch the video at the bottom of this article please consider subscribing!

In many aspects of this project, it looks like they still have almost six months more of construction. Most of the buildings are still shells and there doesn’t seem to be much action going on.

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