ICONA Moves Into The Amusement Business

For a while now we have been reporting on the amazing projects that ICONA is currently working on in South Jersey.

ICONA Moves Into The Amusement Business

ICONA Moves Into The Amusement Business

From their recent purchase of the Windrift hotel in Avalon to their full renovation of their Diamond Beach location, ICONA is on the move to become a house hold name in New Jersey.

Now ICONA is moving towards a different kind of hospitality, amusements.

A few months ago it was announced that Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, which is located at 600 Boardwalk in the Ocean City boardwalk, could be facing sheriff’s auction.

If you want to read about that click the link below.

Ocean City Amusement Pier Heads Into Auction

Why the auction had stopped due to Gillian’s Wonderland Pier obtaining funding to keep the amusement pier, it turns out there had been a partnership with ICONA in the mix.

In an a press release put out by Gillian’s they announced the partnership by saying that “the two families with deep history in amusements and hospitality are partnering to create a unique experience and better serve guests of this premier destination.”

The press release doesn’t go on to say what ICONA will be doing in the partnership but one could imagine that we will be getting the white glove service that the ICONA brand is known for.

As you may know by now, ICONA Diamond Beach has been rating one of the highest resorts in America! Pair this with and amusement park and we will see a Class A operation.

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