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Wildwood 2021 Opening Dates

Wildwood 2021 Opening Dates

Wildwood 2021 Opening Dates

Wildwood 2021 Opening Dates

Happy April! It’s that beautiful time of year that we know Summer is on the horizon. The best part is that we know some of our favorite restaurants, games, desserts and bay bars will be opening soon!

Every year on April 1st we release the opening dates of some of our favorite places open for the season.

If you don’t see your favorite place on our list, let us know by sending us a message on Facebook (CLICK HERE)

You will notice that the places are underlined. You are able to click on it and it takes you to their Facebook page. Give them a like!

The list is broken down based on “Seasonal Spots That Are Already Open” and “Opening Soon.”

Seasonal spots That Are Already Open

Opening soon

  • Friday May 7th – Kelly’s Cafe

  • Friday May 7th – Ravioli House

  • Friday May 7th – Jersey Girl 

  • Saturday May 8th – Hassels Ice Cream

  • Thursday, May 27th – Russo’s Market


  • Friday April 2ndCurley’s Fries Both Locations + Limited Games

  • Friday May 7th – Wildwood Tram Cars

  • Saturday May 8th – Mariners Pier

  • Saturday May 22nd – Surfside Pier

  • Friday May 28th – Adventurer Pier (With Extreme Rides)

  • Saturday June 12th – Raging Waters Water Park

  • Saturday June 19th – Ocean Oasis Water Park

  • Saturday June 19th – Splash Zone Waterpark

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