Mayonnaise Ice Cream

Mayonnaise Ice Cream

Mayonnaise Ice Cream?

How much do you love ice cream? If you are anything like my family you could eat ice cream everyday for every meal and still never get sick of it. We frequent all the ice cream parlors and stores in Wildwood a few times a year and try every flavor at-least once. There is a new flavor making its round that I am sure we won’t be trying and that is Mayonnaise.

That’s right…Mayonnaise flavored ice cream.

“Ice Falkirk,” an ice cream shop in Falkirk, Scotland decided to take Hellman’s mayonnaise and make it into ice cream.

Is this a flavor you would try?

This isn’t the first strange ice cream flavor to come out this summer. Recently we reported that there is a new Pork-Roll Ice Cream. Use the link below to check out Pork-Roll Ice Cream

Pork-Roll Ice Cream Is Coming To New Jersey

According to the owner of “Ice Falkirk,” they do not plan on bringing the flavor to America BUT this won’t stop people from trying to make it.

Check out the video below about the new flavor.

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