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Missing New Jersey Boaters FOUND

Missing New Jersey Boaters FOUND

Two Cape May boaters have been found after being reported missing at sea.

On Sunday, Dec. 11, 2022, the United States Coast Guard Fifth District was called after two Cape May boaters, Kevin Hyde, and Joe DiTommasso were reported missing.

The two left out of Cape May on December 3rd in the afternoon with plans to make it down to Marathon in the Florida Keys.

They were sailing on their boat, Atrevida II, which is a 30-foot Catalina sailboat with a bluish-purple hull.

Missing New Jersey Boaters FOUND

Missing New Jersey Boaters FOUND

When the two didn’t arrive on time, their local marina called for the Coast Guard.

Those who have sailed this route know that this trip takes roughly 2-4 days depending on how many stops you take.

The vessels from Coast Guard Fifth District and the U.S. Navy’s Second Fleet, along with commercial vessels, started in a search that would cover over 21,164 square miles.

With sightings,, U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Area Command took to Facebook and Twitter on Monday, December 12th, to ask the public for help in trying to find the vessel.

HELP Cape May Boaters Missing

HELP Cape May Boaters Missing

Some reports stated that they saw the sailboat in Morehead City, North Carolina but couldn’t confirm their sightings.

Around 3 P.M. on December 13th, the U.S. Coast Guard expanded their search to include the waters off the coast of New Jersey.

Boaters as high up as Long Island heard the call and started to help with the search.

In the Jersey Shore area, the Coast Guard sent helicopters out to help out with the search.

The tanker vessel Silver Muna was en route to New York Harbor after it left Amsterdam, Netherlands on November 30th. After hearing the call they helped in the search and spotted the Atrevida II just 214 miles east of Delaware.

Missing New Jersey Boaters FOUND

Missing New Jersey Boaters FOUND

According to a Coast Guard report, The Atrevida II was found without field and power. This caused them to greatly fall off route.

Lacking power meant that they were unable to use their navigation equipment or radios.

The report stated that Hyde and DiTommasso flagged down the ship around 4:18 P.M.

The medical staff onboard the Silver Muna evaluated the pair and their dog and found them to be healthy.

Hyde and DiTommasso will be staying onboard the Silver Muna as it continues its journey to New Jersey which is set to end 7 P.M. on December 14th.

After they land they will be transferred over to a Coast Guard vessel.

Commander, Daniel Schrader, spokesperson for Coast Guard Atlantic Area said, “We are overjoyed with the outcome of the case and look forward to reuniting Mr. Hyde and Mr. Ditomasso with their family and friends. We also want to highlight the importance of proper safety equipment and preparedness when going to sea. Having an emergency position indicating radio beacon, or ‘EPIRB’, allows mariners to immediately make contact with first responders in an emergency.”

Thank you to everyone who helped in the search for these two missing men.

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