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More Filming In Wildwood?

More Filming In Wildwood?

We had heard reports of numerous sightings of camera crews on the island this weekend. After digging around this is all we know so far.

Keep in mind until we get all the facts we are going with word of mouth. I am hoping after this article goes out we will have those who have more information reach out to us.

The last time a major movie was shot in Wildwood was last year around this time for the movie, “Wetlands,” starring Heather Graham Check out the photos and videos of them filming in Wildwood HERE


This is what we know so far:

Crews have been filming on and under the Wildwood Boardwalk on Wildwood Ave. 

The show is a Netflix show or company owned by Netflix

The show features a well known actor.

We wish we had more to report on. If you know of anything going on please shoot us an email at  


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