Morey’s Piers April FOOLS Day Joke!

Morey’s Piers April FOOLS Day Joke!

Morey’s Piers April FOOLS Day Joke!

Morey’s Piers played a big April Fools Day joke on everyone today! Late last night on their Facebook page they announced that they were getting rid of Curley’s Fries.

They stated on their website that, “New for 2019, Morey’s Piers introduces Greenery’s, a concession stand offering a variety of healthy and convenient food items that guests can eat on the go.  Due to space and cost constraints Morey’s Piers was forced to rebrand the two current Curley’s Fries locations to house the new stand. “We have been thrilled to serve up our signature fries for the last 45 years,” Jack Morey, 2nd Generation Partner of Morey’s Piers stated, “but we are hoping that the popularity of this location will continue to attract existing and new customers.”

Most of us were shocked but today on April 1st at 12 noon they posted this below!

“For the last 45 years, Curley’s Fries has been treating the taste buds of millions with our signature crinkle fries & we’re happy to announce that guests can still indulge in this Wildwood boardwalk tradition starting on April 12 when Curley’s Fries opens for the season!

In celebration of our 50th Anniversary & to thank our loyal fan base Morey’s will be giving away FREE Curley’s Fries on Mariner’s Pier opening day Saturday, April 13. The first 50 people in line at our Curley’s Fries locations (Mariner’s & Surfside Piers) can score some delicious, naturally gluten free, fries on us!”

We are happy to hear that this was just a joke! Can’t wait until Curley’s Fries opens for the season.

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