Morey’s Piers Debut NEW Super Scooters!!!

Summer may be in full swing but we keep getting new things on the boardwalk.

Just a few days ago Morey’s Piers surprised us with new bumper cars for the Super Scooters.

Morey’s Piers Debut NEW Super Scooters

CREDIT: Morey’s Piers

For those who don’t know what the Super Scooters are, they are the bumper cars located on Mariner’s Pier. (Located on the left side of the pier.)

The past few weeks we had noticed that they weren’t operating. Turns out it was due to a new overhaul of it’s cars.

This was an upgrade already in the works back in September. Geoff Rogers, COO and Jack Morey, 2nd Generation Partner of Morey’s Piers purchased the bumper cars with a hand shake during the IAAPA European Expo in Paris. 

The new cars, which are manufactured by Bertezzon, feature a DC Electric 60-110V Motor and a top of the line LED package which not only include LEDs on the vehicle but also on it’s pole and undercarriage.

According to the Bertezzon site, “aII cars are equipped with inflated rubber bumper all around the perimeter, specially designed to reduce the impact between vehicles.” Which is just added safety for us.

This was the first major upgrade to the Super Scooters since 2009. In 2008 Mariner’s Pier had a fire that destroyed the previous Super Scooter building and it’s cars.

According to Morey’s “The Super Scooter building that exists on Mariner’s Pier today was originally located on Surfside Pier and was transported down the beach to Mariner’s Pier in 2009 to replace the one destroyed in the fire.”

Oh and for those wondering if the name Bertezzon looked familiar you would be right. The two double decker carousels on the piers were built by them.

We are so excited for Morey’s and the new Super Scooter cars! Check out a short video Morey’s Piers filmed of the cars below!

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