Wildwood Crest Cancels Summer Music Shows

With covid-19 not going away any time soon, the city of Wildwood Crest had to make decision on if they will keep the very popular summer shows at Centennial Park.

Wildwood Crest Cancels Summer Music Shows

Wildwood Crest Cancels Summer Music Shows

In a facebook post yesterday, Wildwood Crest Mayor, Don Cabrera, said

“I would like nothing more than to offer these concerts but it appears the Governor’s gatherings will stay limited to 500 for awhile. Our concerts generally get well over 1000 attendees. The amount of enforcement needed to maintain safe protocols and remain in compliance would be a major challenge for our small staff. Turning people away and engaging in conflict is not a good experience for anyone.”

Right now Cape May County is doing their best to keep everyone safe such as pausing the Friday night fireworks. No date has been set on when these would return as they would fall way higher than the 500 person limit.

Cabrera goes on to say “as cases continue to rise in Cape May County, I would rather do our part so our businesses, residents, and vacationers can enjoy what remains of the summer without another shut down.”

As or right now there are some shows still taking place at the Lou Booth Amphitheater (North Wildwood) and the Byrne Plaza (Wildwood).

Tune back later for more information.

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