The WVA Is Back!

Hey everyone! What’s going on joey Here (As I usually start all of my videos on my youtube page Wildwood Video Archive)

If you are reading this article via Facebook then you know the GREAT news…we are finally back on Facebook!!!

For those who have no idea what I am referring to let me fill you in!

The WVA Is Back!

The WVA Is Back!

On Saturday July 18th around 2:20pm, I was alerted via Facebook that my website, went against the Facebook Community Standards. Due to this Facebook announced that they would be blocking my website from being seen on Facebook.

At this point if you were to try and share one of my articles online Facebook would send you an error message saying that this website is blocked due to it going against Community Standards.

I reached out to Facebook who said that my website had been marked as spam by it’s algorithm. (The same list where you would find those conspiracy websites).

As you may know, this was not good as the WVA is my main source of income.

Over the course of five days I asked you all as a community to fill out a form to alert Facebook to their mistake. During that time I spoke to many different Facebook employees who kept on telling me that their decision was final and that they wouldn’t be reversing their decision.

We had drafted a press release and sent it to Facebook expressing how our website promotes Cape May County and that by blocking the site you could be hurting local businesses. (myself included).

Around 12 noon on July 22nd, it was brought to my attention that, without notice, the website was finally removed from Facebook’s block list and running smoothly on Facebook.

As there was no word on what worked to get this fixed I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who helped me.

Over the course of those 5 days, which felt like the world was crashing in on me, I received over 500 messages of support and encouragement to keep doing what I do.

You have no idea how much I appreciate it. 

I LOVE doing what I do. To be able to bring smiles to you daily makes me happy and today I am extra happy.

Thank you again for your support.

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As always I will see you on the beach!