If you heard the rumors, it is true!

There is filming going on currently in Wildwood and Cape May County for a independent feature film called “Wetlands”  This information first came to light in an article on Shore News Today and was confirmed yesterday by the North Wildwood Recreation and Tourism that provided us with some great information.

The movie, “Wetlands” which is being produced by “Wetlands Productions” stars Heather Graham, Christopher McDonald and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and will be released in theaters sometime in 2017.

In the words of North Wildwood Recreation and Tourism, “Wetlands is a police drama about an ex-Philadelphia cop who moves to a quaint shore town in the winter to reconnect with his estranged family.”  

North Wildwood Recreation and Tourism

Photo by North Wildwood Recreation and Tourism


Currently there are trailers parked at the North Wildwood Boat Ramp and other locations through-out wildwood including the old Wildwood Crest Library.  Filming will be ending sometime around May 14th. 

According to the Shore News Today, the old library will be changed to a fake police station which filming will be taken place at. 

To us here at The Wildwood Video Archive, we are super excited to hear that Wildwood and other Cape May Country towns will be the backdrop for a movie on the silver screen. Our question to you is this, if you could have any famous movie star come down to Wildwood to film a movie, what movie star would you want it to be? 

We will have more pictures as our reporters send more in to us. 


Thank you for North Wildwood Recreation and Tourism for allowing us to use their information and photo

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