Moving The Shamrock – Drone Video

Yesterday, January 20th, crews returned to a Shamrock house stilling in the middle of Lincoln Ave in Wildwood.

The day prior we spent 10 hours watching the construction crew try to move Shamrock house from its foundation on Pacific Ave to its new home 200 feet away.

Unfortunately, there were many delays and unforeseen circumstances that caused them to leave the house on street overnight.

If you want to watch a full recap of the first moving day click the link below.

Moving A Victorian Hotel – The Shamrock – Video Recap

The next morning they were at it again to inch the building into place.

Through snow would fall for several hours on the crews, they did eventually get it closer to its home.

Those who were there said that the house was creaking the entire move causing some to wonder if it would make it

As of 6 am on January 21st, the house isn’t in its final position yet. Crews had to once again stop due to it being too dark.

Plans are to finish putting it into place sometime today.

During its first day of moving, we had cameras set up throughout its route.

Below is a drone video plus some time-lapse video of the move.

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