MudHen Brewery Is Building Cottages

It’s no secret that MudHen Brewing Company in Wildwood has been making some big moves.

In the past few years, they build their company from scratch and quickly became a crowd favorite with their great beer, food, and atmosphere.

MudHen Brewery Is Building Cottages

MudHen Brewery Is Building Cottages

Some of their big moves did involve them purchasing different properties around the city. While we have been reporting on their land purchases we never knew what their gameplan was until now.

Mudhen is getting into the hospitality world.

Let’s talk about their properties and their plans to bring lodging into the Wildwoods.

[There is a video at the bottom of this article that showcases all the mockups and blue prints]

Over the past few months, we talked about Mudhen’s parent company, BMS Restaurant Holdings, LLC, which has been purchasing many different lots of land. Some of these include lots around their existing bar, the old Seven Seas bar, the Domino’s building, and the old Verizon building.

The largest lot they had purchased was 156 E Taylor Ave aka the Miller House. This was a quadruple-sized lot with one of the original houses on the island sitting in the middle.

MudHen Brewery Is Building Cottages

MudHen Brewery Is Building Cottages

This was sold back in October 2021 just shy of a million dollars. Along with their purchase, BMS also purchase the house next door, 146 E Taylor Ave.

Many didn’t notice that something was happening to this property until all of the trees around the house were removed and the building sat bare.

We had stopped by the property for our Monthly Wildwoods Construction Update video since we didn’t know what would be happening to it.

Fast forward to this week. A new section of the Mudhen website has been added announcing that Mudhen has a new hospitality wing.

On their website, they announce that coming in 2023 is their new company MudHen Hospitality.

It goes on to say “Located in the heart of downtown Wildwood, MudHen Hospitality provides the perfect destination for craft beer lovers and beach lovers alike. Located just minutes from the world-famous Wildwood Boardwalk, award-winning beaches, and the only craft brewery on the island, visitors can expect a first-class vacation experience and memories that will last a lifetime.”

Looking at the mockups we can see what they are planning to do.

The current house will be staying put but six new cottages will be built around it making this a cottage community.

Details on the site say that the property will feature 6 Unique, 2-Bedroom Luxury Cottages, a 4-Bedroom Single Family House a Swimming Pool, Recreation Area, Bicycles & Golf Carts, and laundry facilities in each unit.

One sad thing is that in order to make this community work, Mudhen had to demolish 146 E Taylor Ave to make room for parking.

Below is a video detailing the full project.

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