Mysterious Sunken Boat Washes Up In Stone Harbor

Renee Hull posted some photos in the North Wildwood Coalition (NWC) Facebook group that really caught many folk’s eyes.

As she was walking the Stone Harbor beach to film the sunset she stumbled upon an abounded sunken boat.

Mysterious Sunken Boat Washes Up In Stone Harbor

Mysterious Sunken Boat Washes Up In Stone Harbor

It was found in the Hereford Inlet on the Stone Harbor side at low tide. Since the moon was at a waxing crescent, this wasn’t an abnormally low tide.

After searching online we here at the Wildwood Video Archive were unable to find any information about this boat.

The only visible information about this boat was a registration number. In a green 2 inch by 2-inch sticker, we can see “April 15” with “Conn. D.M.V.”

This would mean that this boat was registered in the state of Connecticut for the 2015 summer season.

Where did this boat come from though? Since this was the first time such a report for this boat had been recorded did a recent storm blow this up onto the beach?

It only looks to be sitting in a foot of water with more than half of it under the sand.

If you have any details on this boat please let us know!

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