N. Wildwood Fire Practice On 2nd St. Annies

This is starting to become a common thing to see around the Wildwoods these days.

This past week the North Wildwood Fire Department was seen training in the building that used to house 2nd St. Annies.

Currently this building, along with the Fairview and M.T. Bottles are scheduled to come down and be replaced with new J1 student housing.

The new project, called the Residences At Pacific Ave, will be 4-story mixed use high-rise building which will contain 3 units of commercial space on the ground floor (mostly to house the two businesses there), and 74 residential/ Student units.The building will also include an outdoor swimming pool and associated patio/bar.

If you want to learn more about the project click the link below.

Demolition Underway On NEW Pacific Ave Project 

Now there is an interesting back-story about this building and how many months we will have to wait until it finally gets demolished. We will save that story for another time.

N. Wildwood Fire Practice On 2nd St. Annies

N. Wildwood Fire Practice On 2nd St. Annies

Normally you would see local fire departments practicing or drilling on a building to help build experience for their crew.

Realistically, the more experience you have on scaling a building not on fire will help you when your under the pressure on trying to put out an actual fire.

We saw this most recently when North Wildwood Fire Department was practicing on the now demolished St. Ann’s Rectory a few weeks back.

This is now become a normal thing on the island as there are many building that are scheduled to demolished over the course of the next few months.

As these other building come down be sure to tune in as we will be filming it!

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