N. Wildwood Installs Beach Clean-Up Stations

Down here in the Wildwoods, we take littering very seriously. Every single day, during the summer, our cities rake the beaches to collect the trash and dispose of it properly.

You see, when the trash isn’t taken off the beach it heads out to sea and is eaten by some of our marine life. Not only is this a problem here but in the Pacific, it’s an island of a problem.

Out in the pacific ocean, there is a giant plastic island that was created by humans throwing their trash into the water, out on the beach, or in other ways.

A few years back a bunch of volunteers came together to help clean up our beach. In North Wildwood, this crew is called the North Wildwood Beach Beautification Brigade.

Every month this crew comes together for the morning (9 am) to sweep the North Wildwood beach. Just recently they expanded to other parts of the island.

The reason I bring this up is that the city of North Wildwood just installed a really cool system where you can help keep the beach clean every day.

With the help of the public works, they installed the first of many “North Wildwood Beach Clean Up Station.”

Located at 1st & Surf Ave, the station features 5 baskets and a sign talking about how littering hurts the ocean. If youre up for helping this is what you do.

You grab a basket and walk along the beach. When you find trash you compile it and on your way out you dump the contents of the basket in the trash can next to the sign.

Once done, you put the basket back so that someone else can pick up where you left off.

The city hopes to install these all over in the coming season.

One suggestion we (Joey) have. Anytime you go to the beach, before you put your towel down, pick up three pieces of trash and throw it away. It takes only minutes and in the end, you’re helping the earth!

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