North Wildwood Beach Update

On Facebook earlier today, North Wildwood’s Mayor, Patrick Rosenello, made a big announcement in regards to the North Wildwood Beaches.

If you haven’t visited the island in quite some time, the North Wildwood beaches currently have sand piles sitting at a height of 20+ feet tall.

These sand piles are part of the beach replenishment that takes place annually in order to expand the beach and protect the beach street properties.

If you want to learn more about the beach replenishment project click the link below.

How Tall Are N. Wildwood’s Sand Piles?

Below is Mayor Rosenello’s press release.

With Memorial Day Weekend just around the corner, I wanted to update you on the status of our beaches and our sand back pass project.

First, let me start with the Inlet Beach.  It is huge.  Over the winter, the sand bars that were previously offshore, merged onto the beach.  The Inlet Beach will be guarded starting Memorial Day Weekend.

Please note that the area between Surf Avenue and Central Avenue is an environmentally sensitive area.  There is a pair of American Oystercatcher Birds nesting in this area.

Oystercatchers are not an endangered species, but they are in decline and so we would ask that you avoid the roped-off area where the nest is.

Second, our sand back passing project is moving along according to schedule.  This is the largest sand back pass we have ever undertaken and the size of the stockpiles certainly shows that.

Our contractor is doing a great job moving huge amounts of sand every day from the stockpiles to the fill areas.  You can help this project move faster by staying off the beach where the contractor is working and trucks are hauling sand.  These areas are closed during construction and we would ask that you stay clear of the area.

The schedule indicates that all of the sand from the stockpiles should be moved to the fill area by Memorial Day Weekend.  However, final grading will still be happening after Memorial Day Weekend.  This means that the elevation of the beach may still be higher than the final design and this can cause scarping along the high tide line.

Please use extra caution until the beach takes on a more gentle slope.

Mother Nature has been very kind to us this Spring and we have retained more of our beach profile than normal.  As such, we now have enough sand to fill up to 3rd Avenue.  We have requested approval from the NJDEP for this modification and if it is approved we will have beach access and a beach berm from 3rd Avenue South.

We anticipate having guarded beaches on the inlet and from 5th Avenue to 26th Avenue.  The area from the Inlet Beach around to 5th Avenue will be designated for surfing.

Finally, for all of you boaters, please note that the channel that previously existed to the ‘south’ or right side of Champagne Island as you head out to sea, no longer exists.  If you proceed past Champagne Island on the ‘south’ side you will end up on the Inlet Beach.

As always, if you have specific comments or questions for me, please email me at Prosenello@NorthWildwood.Com.