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New Brewery Coming To Wildwood?

New Brewery Coming To Wildwood?

Every week we jump on the New Jersey Public records to see if anything pops out at us here in Cape May County. Today such a thing jumped out at us. 

According to a public notice posted in the Cape May Herald yesterday, there might be a brewery to the Wildwoods very soon.

The notice shows that an application has been filed with the Planning/Zoning Board in the City of Wildwood for a site plan approval on Unit 107 located in the Island Bowl building.

In full it states that “the undersigned has filed an application for a plan approval, variances and waivers from the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance for a change of use from a Pool Hall to a Brewery of condominium Unit 107 located in the Island Bowl building located at 3401 New Jersey Avenue.”

Looking up the address, 3401 New Jersey Avenue (Unit 107), we find that there indeed is a Pool Hall. That pool hall, which is temporarily closed, is the Breakers Billiard Club & Bar. This location opened back in 2015 and saw a shutdown during the covid-19 pandemic.

It seems that the application is asking the city to change the Zoning Ordinance of this unit to make it into a brewery.

Since this project is still in the beginning stages there isn’t much information about what brewery will be put in this spot.

The Applicant’s name is  “Anglesea Aleworks, LLC.” This is an LLC that was only opened in July 2021 so there isn’t much history attached to it.

A public hearing about this proposed zoning change has been scheduled for December 6, 2021 at 6:00 P.M., at City Hall, 4400 New Jersey Avenue, Wildwood, Cape May County, New Jersey.

Any person affected by this application will have the opportunity to present any objections to the proposed development.

We will be sure to update you on this proposal.

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