Marvis Diner To Expand Outdoor Patio

In a public notice posted with the Cape May Herald on November 3rd, another Planning and zoning board application catch our eye.

The application called for a site change at the address 4900 Pacific Avenue in Wildwood. This is the address of the Marvis Diner.

The Marvis Diner is currently closed for the season and so for us to see an application means that they are expecting to do some off-season work.

The filed application with the Planning/Zoning Board calls for “site plan approval, variances, and waivers from the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance to create an outside dining patio area on the north side of the building and to construct an accessory parking lot area for 20 cars together with other site improvements which include new landscaping and buffering.”

The Northside that the notice is referring to is the site of that building that meets up with Rio Grande Ave. If you were to look at a map of the Marvis Diner you would notice that there isn’t much space out there.

One would ask how would they add a dining patio area and parking when in that spot there is only parking for eight cars.

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A few months back the owners of the Marvis Diner purchased the house behind them on Rio Grande Ave. The houses, 140 Rio Grande Ave had been torn down to make room for such parking spaces.

That solves one of the many questions our followers have had (Why was 140 Rio Grande Ave torn down).

The owners of the Marvis Diner are making big moves this off-season. Just a few short weeks ago they announced that they purchased the Star Diner in North Wildwood.

The Star Diner will become the Marvis Pancake House this spring. If you would like to learn more about that then click the link below.

NEW for 2022 – Marvis Pancake House!

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