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NEW – Cape Square Theater – Progress Tour

NEW – Cape Square Theater – Progress Tour

We are visiting our sister town of Rio Grande (Middle Township) because they have an exciting project going on that we are dying to talk about!

Cape Square Theater - Rio Grande

Cape Square Theater – Rio Grande

If you remember a ways back, there used to be a movie theater there called Frank’s Rio Theater. It closed back in May of 2019 and the new owners were supposed to open it back up in 60 days

To read more about why the theater closed click the link below.

Frank’s Rio Theater CLOSED – Wildwood Video Archive

As you know 60 days went by quickly and by October the developers revealed blue prints for a new top of the line shopping center with a new mixed entertainment venue.

County Commons - Rio Grande

County Commons – Rio Grande

According to the press release the new theater, which would be named Cape Square Theater, would have movies, bowling and a beer garden.

Since that announcement we have been getting bombarded with questions on what’s going on with the theater and has the new owners given any updates.

We happened to be driving by the other day and notice a TON of work being done.

I figured this would be a great opportunity to do a progress update of the property.

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