NEW Hotel Coming to the Wildwood Boardwalk

It’s no secret that the 3000 block of the Wildwood Boardwalk has been in need of some kind of a facelift. After sitting abandoned for many years, it has started to become an eyesore.

NEW Hotel Coming to the Wildwood Boardwalk

NEW Hotel Coming to the Wildwood Boardwalk

For those who don’t know, this is the block located between Glenwood Ave and Maple Ave on the boardwalk.

This location is home to a few known boardwalk businesses such as Johnny Scoops, It’s Sugar, and Angelo’s Pizza Spot.

Just sitting above those businesses have been empty apartments with an interesting story. Back in 2008, these apartments were going through a massive renovation which was going to see all the apartments shelled and fixed up. They started and even painted the outside of the building yellow but then unfortunately the market crashed. Unable to finish the work the owners let them sit and just rented the storefront downstairs.

Over that time there had been some flooding that made its way to the shops below causing some stores to have to close.

Back in the summer of 2021, this building had changed colors from yellow to grey and it was listed on the market with no amount.

At that time the listing mentioned that it could be turned into a hotel. It went on to say;

“The Existing 3 Story Structure With 15,000 SF Floor Plates is Located in the BA – Boardwalk Amusement Zoning, Which Allows For Maximum Flexibility in Use, Including Retail and Hotels Up To 6 Stories. The Existing Retail Tenants Generate Almost $450,000 in Gross Revenue, Making the Property an Excellent Covered Land Play While Redevelopment Plans are Approved.”

Just a few months later, in April, public records showed that this property was sold for a whopping $6,200,000.

Read more about the sale by clicking Here – Full Wildwood Boardwalk Block SOLD

Many were looking to see what would happen to this property over the summer but no work was found to be going on.

Today though we are finally getting our answers on what’s going on.

A new application has been submitted to the City of Wildwood’s Planning/Zoning Board for this address and it’s unlike anything we have seen on the boardwalk yet.

The applicant, Wildwood Hospitality Group LLC, is looking for a major site plan approval, variances, and waivers for the renovation and expansion of the structure located at 3000 Boardwalk that will be converted into a hotel. Included in the plans is the addition of two new floors, a total of 75 hotel rooms, a rooftop pool, and a restaurant.

The building currently sits at three stories so this will bring it to five (including the rooftop pool).

The application does also note that they could be serving alcoholic beverages at the restaurant later on. 

A public hearing on this application has been scheduled for November 7, 2022, at 6:00 P.M.

Moving forward this project will be included in the monthly Wildwoods Construction update videos. You can see the latest at the bottom of this article.

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