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New Jersey State Crab Festival

YES! This is super exciting to announce that this up-and-coming Saturday, July 16th, the 6th annual New Jersey State Crab Festival is taking place!

I have been going to this festival since it’s inception and I have to tell you that this is one of the best crab festivals outside of Maryland.

The festival takes place outside the Ice House Restaurant and Bar (4415 Park Boulevard, Wildwood). It features a long block party feel with it.

The New Jersey State Crab Festival goes for 11 hours starting at 11am (11am-10pm).

This is the kind of event that you can bring anyone to from age 1-99(or older!)

The New Jersey State Crab Festival is FREE with pay as you go options.


To get you excited for it, check out this video of a crab being caught in a crab trap.