NEW North Wildwood Boardwalk Motel – Hotel Cabana

There is some fantastic news coming out of North Wildwood today.

For the past two summer seasons, there has been a motel up on the boardwalk that has been sitting empty.

NEW North Wildwood Boardwalk Motel - Hotel Cabana Wildwood

NEW North Wildwood Boardwalk Motel – Hotel Cabana Wildwood

This motel, located at 23rd and the boardwalk, has seen a ton of hands change in the past five years.

What started as the Kings Inn Motel became Howard Johnson, Quality Inn, Hammock Inn & Suites and then didn’t open during the covid-19 pandemic.

After multiple attempts on contacting the owner of the property, we found that the parent company of Hammock Inn ran into financial problems during the pandemic which caused this location to be closed.

Public records showed that in June of 2022, the building had sold to SSN WILDWOOD LLC.

Since the sale of the property, there has been much work taking place over the entire building. The rooms had been completely gutted, a new roof was installed and a new lobby looks to be under construction.

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Since there was no public information on what would be happening to the building, many folks thought this building would be going condo.

Today though, a new sign has appeared outside the building advertising that this building will continue to operate as a motel.

Posted on Facebook via Chrissy Shaeffer, the sign says “coming soon, Hotel Cabana Wildwood.”

This led to a Google search which brought up the official website for the Hotel Cabana Wildwood which says, “The brand-new Hotel Cabana is located on the famous Wildwood Boardwalk and steps from the beautiful sandy beaches of Wildwood, NJ.”

In describing the building they go on to say,

“Hotel Cabana is the ideal destination among Wildwood hotels for a family, couple, or group getaway. As the sun goes down, soak up the sunset and breathtaking views from our rooftop oasis. When it’s time to recover, you will discover the Hotel Cabana features modern well-appointed spacious guest rooms and suites.”

The Hotel presents a charming sanctuary that harmoniously fuses the cherished Wildwood atmosphere with contemporary elegance and conveniences. Additionally, all guestrooms are furnished with a microwave, refrigerator, wifi connectivity, and luxurious bedding, providing you with the perfect opportunity to unwind after an enjoyable day.

For those looking to book the motel their rates are online now starting off a $110 (plus tax) a night for certain days.

We wish the new owners the beach of luck with the Hotel Cabana.