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New Restaurant Coming To Old Groffs Location?

New Restaurant Coming To Old Groffs Location?

Looking through the New Jersey Property Transfer Records for the Wildwoods, one address sold this week that stood out, 423 E Magnolia Ave.

New Restaurant Coming To Old Groffs Location?

New Restaurant Coming To Old Groffs Location?

Those who have been coming down to the Wildwoods for their entire lives would know that this address used to be home to the world-famous Groff’s Restaurant.

Groff’s was unlike any other restaurant on the boardwalk (and yes we consider it on the boardwalk since it was right on the Magnolia ramp-up to the boardwalk).

First opening in 1925 on the boardwalk as Groff’s Sandwich shop, they grew out of their space and decided to build behind their boardwalk location. What had started as a hotdog shop bloomed into a must-stop dinner spot in the Wildwoods.

They were known for their massive portions, three sizes with every meal, and their amazing pies. (What I would do to have another one of their pies) Unfortunately, in 2014 they closed their doors for good.

In 2015 Nino’s Family Restaurant purchased the property and that August they opened with some fanfare. Nino’s was a big part of the island already. Their first location was at 201 W Walnut in North Wildwood, aka the Triangle. Sadly their location was damaged after Hurricane Sandy in 2012, leaving them without a restaurant.

Ninos did great at the Groff’s location but in 2020 it was announced that they wouldn’t be opening due to covid restrictions. Just like many restaurants in the state of New Jersey, the covid restrictions made it almost impossible for a restaurant to open if they didn’t have a parking lot or an open deck.

Nino’s other location in Cape May Courthouse did open in the meanwhile.

Many were wondering if Ninos would open the Groff’s location again but sadly it was a big no. The building was put up for sale in November 2021 with a price tag of $629,900.

The listing went on to say; “Restaurant next to boardwalk and beach which was previously Nino’s, that features approximately 2300 of dining space with seating capacity of 160 patrons. Was closed due to covid. Being sold as is.”

Throughout the summer the building sat empty with no movement inside. A restaurant stuck in time to 2019 (the last time it was open).

Fast forward to this week and that address appeared in the public notices. It sold for five hundred thousand on the dot to 423 E Magnolia LLC. This is a $129,900 price difference from when it was listed back in 2021.

This is where things get interesting.

Tracing back the LLC we see the name Florian Furxhiu attached it to. This name is becoming very well known in Wildwood after another restaurant nearby was purchased and opened a few years ago.

The restaurant we are alluding to is Santorini located at 517 West Rio Grande Ave. Furxhiu had purchased Backfin Blues Bar & Grill and turned it into the Mediterranean restaurant we all love now.

This wasn’t Furxhiu’s first restaurant venture, he also opened up Tacodelphia, located at 427 S Broad Street in Philadelphia.

One would put two and two together to notice that Furxhiu has something up his sleeve.

Will we get a new restaurant in the old Groffs Location for summer 2023? You will have to tune back in later.

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