New Street Signs Are Coming To Wildwood Crest

We got a bit of surprise yesterday from Wildwood Crest’s Mayor, Don Cabrera, who posted online that a change is coming to the city of Wildwood Crest.

In a Facebook post online Mayor Cabrera reveled that the city will be replacing the existing street name signs.

New Street Signs Are Coming To Wildwood Crest

New Street Signs Are Coming To Wildwood Crest

The current Yellow and Green street name signs will be replaced with ‘Crest’ blue ones.

These signs will be larger which will increase their visibility plus they will be reflective at night.

The old signs may get new life into them though. Mayor Cabrera says that they might put the signs up for auction.

We hope that they do what the City of Wildwood did. For those who don’t know, the City of Wildwood donated their signs to the Wildwood Historical Society where they auctioned off the signs and used the money to help preserve our history.

If you want to read the full story on those sales click the link below.

Wildwood Street Sign Auction 2020

Be sure to tune back later as we will post about the auction once more details come out!

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