NEW Wildwood Statues – 2022 – Tour Video

There are 7 new life-like statues all over wildwood that have sprung up this past June. Let’s talk about these beautiful pieces of art and give you a tour!

NEW Wildwood Statues - 2022 - Tour Video

NEW Wildwood Statues – 2022 – Tour Video

Back in May, the City of Wildwood introduced the “Arts in the Parks Summer Series.” This program allowed seven sculptures by artist Seward Johnson will be placed in parks around Wildwood.

Well-known for celebrating everyday life with vividly realistic sculptures, Johnson recreated different aspects of life. These seven pieces are located in the different parks around Wildwood including Fox Park, Holly Beach Park, Scotty’s Park, SOLCOW Park, and the Juniper and Pacific Park.

Each tells a different story in the themes such as  “Embracing Peace,” ”Coming Home,” “Grabbing Some Peace,” and more.

Next to each statue are new signs with QR codes that you can scan. There the code takes you to a site where you can learn more about each sculpture!

We drove around the city to highlight these beautiful pieces of art. The best way to experience them is on a bike.

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