New Bar Coming to North Wildwood!

For several months we have been giving you updates on the new projects taking place in the Wildwoods in our “Monthly Wildwoods Construction Updates.”

One of those projects we wrote about was the North Wildwood Marina which applied back in April of 2021 to renovate and redevelop its entire property.

Located at 5th and New York Ave, their property takes up two blocks (from 5th-7th)

Their application called for the renovation of the Marina Bay Towers, The Boathouse and Marina, and the construction of the Marina Lighthouse, the Ocean Bay Marina Club/Restaurant, and a 12-story high building called The Ocean Bay Spires.

Since then construction and renovation had only started on the Boathouse and Marina. Interestingly though, if you had biked by lately you would have noticed work being done on a smaller building.

New Bar Coming to North Wildwood!

New Bar Coming to North Wildwood!

Sitting in the middle of the property is an older restaurant that folks may have forgotten about. According to what we can see, there used to be a pizza restaurant back there.

In our property tour, which you can see at the bottom of this article, it looked to be abandoned. The blueprints for their upcoming plans, this building was to be demolished.

Thanks to some new public records we are able to see that they will instead be renovating this building to make it into a restaurant and bar.

In October 2021 they purchased a pocket liquor license (No. 0507-33-011-010) for their entire property.

Without wanting to sit on it they opened up a tiny bar in the guard house. You may have noticed hints of this bar thanks to a neon sign that sits on New York Ave.

Their application goes on to say that the application is looking for “final site plan approval together with any necessary variances and waivers to permit the use of the recently renovated, existing Lighthouse/Guardhouse and existing Marina Restaurant/Club buildings to operate as a food and beverage facilities with alcoholic beverage/bar service for the property.”

By the progress that we have seen on the building, it is possible that this could be open by the beginning of August.

A Public Hearing will be held on July 13, 2022, at 6:30 PM for those interested.

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