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North Wildwood 2024 Project Updates

North Wildwood 2024 Project Updates

As the summer of 2024 approaches, North Wildwood is bustling with ongoing and scheduled improvement projects aimed at enhancing the experience for residents and visitors alike. From road reconstructions to memorial enhancements, the city is poised for a season of transformation and progress.

Streets & Utilities Reconstruction

North Wildwood 2024 Project Updates

North Wildwood 2024 Project Updates

Since early fall 2023, the City has been diligently working on improving water and sewer utilities on 100 E. and portions of 100 W. 5th Ave.

These essential upgrades have seen the replacement of outdated infrastructure and the completion of the initial paving coat. The remaining work is anticipated to be wrapped up by April 2024.

Further reconstruction efforts are on the horizon, particularly along various sections of Atlantic Ave. The upcoming project will encompass stretches from 1st-4th Ave. and 6th-8th Ave., along with reconstruction on 200 E. 7th Ave.

With contracts recently awarded by the City Council, ground-breaking by contractors is imminent. The completion target for these endeavors is mid-May 2024, with an overall investment of approximately $2.45 million, partly supported by the City of Wildwood Water Utility.

Gold Star Memorial and Gateway Enhancement

Preparations are underway for the commencement of the first phase of the Gold Star Memorial and Gateway Enhancement project, aimed at elevating the island’s entrance while honoring the sacrifices of American veterans.

The initial phase will primarily concentrate on enhancing Veterans’ Park, featuring the installation of three monuments, including New Jersey’s first Gold Star Monument, an improved VFW Monument, and an Armed Services Branch Monolith.

Additionally, upgrades in lighting, landscaping, and traffic/parking amenities are slated.

Construction is expected to commence shortly after the upcoming City Council meeting, with a significant portion targeted for completion before Memorial Day 2024, and final touches expected by June 2024.

Pending approval from the Cape May County Board of Commissioners, the project will receive $1.75 million from the Open Space Board, supplementing funding from the NJDCA and the Veterans Committee, with a total estimated cost of $3.57 million for Phase 1.

Wildwood Boardwalk Construction Starts Next Week - Phase III, IV, V

Wildwood Boardwalk Construction Starts Next Week – Phase III, IV, V

North Wildwood Boardwalk Reconstruction

Plans are in motion for the reconstruction of the North Wildwood segment of the Boardwalk, with Phase 1 focusing on the area between 16th and 18th Avenues. Set to commence in Fall 2024 with an estimated cost of $3.5 million, this endeavor aims to revitalize the iconic waterfront promenade.

In the interim, the City will address immediate needs by constructing a new ADA-accessible ramp near 22nd Ave., funded primarily through the NJ DCA Small Cities Grant and anticipated for completion by summer 2024.

The full reconstruction project is estimated at approximately $34 million, with grant awards from various sources, including the U.S. Economic Development Administration and the NJ Urban Enterprise Zone, aimed at easing financial burdens.

NJDOT Back Bay Dredge

The New Jersey Department of Transportation, in collaboration with Mobile Dredging & Video Pipe, Inc., is currently undertaking the first phase of the back bay dredge project. This initiative targets the removal of fine sand and silt from multiple channels, including Beach Creek, Ottens Canal, and Post Creek.

With three staging areas set up, completion of the dredging operations is anticipated by April and May 2024, respectively, contributing to improved waterway navigation and environmental quality.

For further inquiries regarding the Back Bay Dredge project, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to

New Jersey Ave. Reconstruction/Road Diet Project

Cape May County has initiated a project on New Jersey Ave., focusing on road reconstruction and the implementation of a road diet to enhance safety and infrastructure in the North Wildwood Entertainment District.

Scheduled to commence in early March, this endeavor will see the installation of expanded sidewalks, new traffic markings, crosswalks, and a traffic signal, with the majority of the work targeted for completion by Memorial Day weekend 2024.

As North Wildwood continues to evolve and improve its infrastructure, these projects underscore the city’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life for its residents and ensuring an enjoyable experience for visitors during the upcoming summer season and beyond.