North Wildwood Bar District To Open

On Friday May 15th, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill allowing the sale of alcoholic beverages in sealed or original containers. Last Saturday we broke the story that the Wildwoods were coming up with a way to create areas where those looking to get a drink can do so safely. If you want to read that full article click the link below.

Wildwood Bars Approved To Sell Alcoholic Beverages To Go

In North Wildwood the Mayor announced his plan. That plan involves closing down Olde New Jersey Avenue to cars and allowing restaurants to put tables and chairs outside, on public property.

The press release says, “North Wildwood has designated certain areas in Commercial Districts where the consumption of alcohol will be allowed until the public health emergency is over. This consumption is only permitted in those areas and absolutely no gatherings of non-household or family members is permitted.”

Visitors will be able to go to their favorite bar and pick up food and drinks and be able to enjoy them outside the bar.

Keep in mind that you MUST wear a mask while visiting any business in the state of New Jersey.

If you do plan to come down for the day or the weekend there isn’t much open on the boardwalk. For a full list of what’s open click the link below.

What’s Open In The Wildwoods For Memorial Day Weekend

We stopped by Olde New Jersey Ave to see how things looked. Below are a few photos. 

Tune back later for more details

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