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What’s Open In The Wildwoods For Memorial Day Weekend

What’s Open In The Wildwoods For Memorial Day Weekend

What’s Open In The Wildwoods For Memorial Day Weekend

What’s Open In The Wildwoods For Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day Weekend will surely be one that is unlike any other. With many restrictions still in place in the State of New Jersey, we want you to be prepared for what’s open and close.

Currently in New Jersey we are in Stage 1 of the covid-19 reopening plan. This stage does loosen up some restrictions but only a little.

In a nut shell this stage only allows some non-essential retail stores to open with curbside pickup only and allow parks and beaches to open.

What does this mean for down here.

At this time arcades, games, amusement rides, concerts, playgrounds and most stores will NOT be open.

If you want to read the statement Morey’s Piers put out click HERE

On top of that, under his press conference yesterday, the Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy,  stated that group viewing activities, such as concerts and fireworks, can NOT take place.

Keep in mind that the Governor still has an order in place that prohibits gatherings of anyone other than immediate family members, etc. Please note that the police will be focusing on dispersing large groups this coming weekend.

Motels and Hotels are NOT open this weekend.

Now on to what is open!

The beaches are open to sit and enjoy! The weather for this weekend isn’t looking like beach weather but it’s nice to have the option to relax.

Most restaurants on the boardwalk and off the boardwalk are open for business but for Pick-Up only. When your done eating be sure to put your trash in the cans and keep the trash out of the street.

Bars are open for drinks to-go. This is something very new. If you want the full article click HERE but the gist is that now you can get drinks from your favorite bar and take it home to drink it.

North Wildwood has designated certain areas in Commercial Districts, such as old New Jersey Ave, where the consumption of alcohol will be allowed until the public health emergency is over. 

As a reminder, It is STILL required to wear a mask when visiting ANY businesses even if it’s on the boardwalk.

Governor Murphy is also urging people to wear a mask or face covering while in more crowded areas or on the boardwalks.

Keep in mind that these rules and orders do change quickly. These may not be the same for the first weekend in June so tune back later.

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