Crazy North Wildwood Beach Erosion

Crazy North Wildwood Beach Erosion

Crazy North Wildwood Beach Erosion

As you know, our Wildwood beaches has been getting smacked hard with heavy waves which causes our beaches to erode.

The erosion of our beaches aren’t really a new things. North Wildwood has been fighting mother nature on this front for the past two decades. Though lately it’s been a yearly thing rather than an “every few years” kind of thing.

This past week I shared with you all a video showing how bad the sand dunes got hit. The dunes were nearly cut in half. You can click the link below to watch that video.

The 11th Street Cliffs In North Wildwood

After that video many people asked how the rest of the beaches look. I decided to take the drone up over North Wildwood to give you a good idea.

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The city of North Wildwood does have a plan to fight this erosion. This past week New Jersey Congressman Jeff Van Drew visited North Wildwood to talk about using the sand from Hereford Inlet to stabilize the beach.

A project like this is something that has to be taken up in the New Jersey Courts because of a ruling by the Fish and Wildlife that calls for no dredging of  Hereford Inlet. In order for a project like this to work they would need the federal statue reversed or changed to allow it in our area.

This past year the city had to come up with a new plan on how to save the beaches. North Wildwood and Wildwood worked together by taking sand from Wildwood and driving it all the way back up to North Wildwood.

You can see how they do that by checking out the video below.

Tune back in for more details about this .

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