North Wildwood To Extend Bulkhead

North Wildwood To Extend Bulkhead

North Wildwood To Extend Bulkhead

As you may know, the North Wildwood beaches have been getting hit hard by the recent storms. The last storm that hit a few weeks back took half of the sand dunes away. You can see our tour of the “North Wildwood Cliffs” by clicking the link below.

The 11th Street Cliffs In North Wildwood

For those worried about how the dunes will stand up to future storms there is good news. The city of North Wildwood will be extending it’s existing bulkhead. 

Currently the bulkhead stops at 7th street. The new bulkhead will run from 7th street all the way down to 15th street. Due to the loss of half of the dunes, the new bulkhead will sit right in the middle. This will create a new barrier just incase another storm rolls in and takes out the dune. Once the bulkhead is completely the dunes will be built over them. This project should start in a few weeks and will be done mid Spring. 

Things are still in talks on when the beach replenishment will start. Now that Coastal Barrier Resources Act (CBRA) is overturned the city can obtain the funds.

Tune back in for more info.

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