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Saving Avalon’s Beaches!

Saving Avalon’s Beaches

Saving Avalon’s Beaches

Saving Avalon’s Beaches!

North Wildwood isn’t the only Jersey Shore town that has been hit hard with storms over the past few months. Our sister towns of Avalon and Stone Harbor have been getting hit harder. These storms cause havoc through-out our towns which includes beach erosion. Tropical Storm Melissa came rolling in and took away 100+ feet of Avalon’s beaches.

While North Wildwood is able to replenish their beaches by trucking in sand from Wildwood,  Avalon and Stone Harbor didn’t have that option. The currents pull their sand down into Hereford Inlet. In 2016 U.S. Fish and Wildlife stopped the city from dredging this area due to a 1982 law.

But there is good news. The feds approved a beach replenishment project for Avalon. The $3.6 million project will dredge 425,000 to 600,000 cubic yards of sand from Townsends Inlet and rebuild the beaches from 9th street to 22nd street.

With the project now in full swing we decide to head over to the area to give you a tour of the equipment and the progress so far.

In our video you will see the dredging boat and tractors on the beach pushing the sand into place.

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