One Building Saved And One Historic Building Demolished in Wildwood

It was a strange feeling on the island yesterday Monday, June 6th. This was the day when one landmark building was saved for preservation and one historic building was torn down.

By now you may have heard the news that the pizza house, called that since it’s shaped like a pizza, had been saved.

This building, which is located at the corner of Park Boulevard and Bennett Avenue, is an A-frame building built in the 1960s via a Sears, Roebuck kit.

One Building Saved And One Historic Building Demolished in Wildwood

One Building Saved And One Historic Building Demolished in Wildwood

The new owner of the property didn’t want to see the building demolished. With the help of local historians at the Wildwood Historical Society – George F. Boyer Museum they went on a search for an owner.

The building was offered up for free for whoever could pay to take it away.

SJhauck Construction was hired by the new owners of the building to move it on Tuesday, June 7th to Upper Township.

While it’s great to see a landmark house saved, just on the other side of town we saw one historic house knocked out.

Located at the corner of Pine and Pacific Avenues, “The Pines” as the house is called was built in 1897 as a grand Victorian home for the VanHorn family.

Mr. VanHorn invested in Wildwood’s railroads and later served as a tax collector.

The building was built in Queen Anne architecture with beautiful wood details inside and out.

Unfortunately due to neglect over the past few years, much of the inside has been rotted past the point of repair.

The new owners are tearing it down to subdivide the property into two 5,450 SF lots and one 9,100 SF lot.

While there wasn’t much to save in the house some things had been brought to the Wildwood Historical Museum collection.

Knowing that this demolition was going to take place, we took the drone and filmed the exterior prior to the asbestos shingles being removed.

The video is located at the bottom of this page. 

If you want more information on what’s going in its place click the link below.

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