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One Swimmer Still Missing In Wildwood

One Swimmer Still Missing In Wildwood

On Tuesday, May 31st, four persons entered the ocean at Andrews Avenue in Wildwood around 3:30 PM.

Around 4 PM a 911 call was placed saying that the swimmers were in need of help.

A few weeks back all of the Wildwoods Beach Patrols (including, North Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, and Wildwood announced that for the time being beaches will only be protected on the weekends.

One Swimmer Still Missing In Wildwood

One Swimmer Still Missing In Wildwood

This is a normal procedure until summer fully starts up since the island is still in pre-season.

This means at their time of entering the ocean there were no lifeguards on duty.

When the Wildwood Fire Department, NJ State Police Marine Unit, and the U.S. Coast Guard arrived one person was able to swim to shore leaving three others in the water.

According to an interview on NBC News, Wildwood Fire Department Chief Ernie Troiano III said that the two other swimmers picked up were not only 200 yards from the shoreline but also 200 yards away from each other.

Rescue teams were unaware of the fourth swimming until one of the swimmers rescued mentioned it to them.

A Municipal recall was sent out all over the island. This is a call that radios all departments, police, fire, and beach patrol to a scene.

The beach patrol created a human chain and started walking down the ocean in four feet of water.

Boats including Sea Tow, the North Wildwood Fire Department Recuse, New Jersey State Police, jet skis, and small fishing vessels all helped out in the search.

By 6 pm the Wildwood Fire Department was called off and The Coast Guard and New Jersey State Police stayed until 8 pm to continue the search.

Just after sunrise today, June 1st, search parties were back but this time on a recovery mission.

As a reminder to anyone who visits not just our shore, always swim near a lifeguard.

While the ocean might look inviting rip currents are hard to spot. Our lifeguards are trained to see these rip currents and keep you out of the,

As a reference, if you do find yourself in a rip current, swim parallel and you can get out.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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