Answering, What Is This Fish?

One amazing thing about living at the shore is that you get to experience things that you would never get to see anywhere else besides an aquarium.

Answering, What Is This Fish? - A Monkfish

Answering, What Is This Fish? – A Monkfish

This morning Maureen Klotz Sacco was walking the Cape May beach and came across this fish. It has passed and washed up. Not knowing what it was she reached out to the Facebook group “Cool Cape May.”

This creature had two massive eyes, a large mouth, massive teeth, and a long skinny body.

The photo was share liked wildfire since this thing looks terrifying.

Let’s break down what we know about this fish.

Some would call this a monkfish but that is a hyponym of an anglerfish. It’s safe to say that you could call it either or and be correct.

Monkfish is an edible fish and can easily be filleted. Its tail has some really good meat and doesn’t have too many small bones as Salmon does.

According to NOAA Fisheries, monkfish are found in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean from the Grand Banks and northern Gulf of St. Lawrence south to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

They can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and depths, from inshore waters down to nearly 3,000 feet.

You usually don’t see them at sea level instead they like to live on the seafloor, typically on sand, mud, and shell habitats. They are that ugly color to blend into the seafloor.

Monkfish (mostly Anglerfish) can grow up to 127 pounds and 78.8 inches long.

You will notice an antenna on top of their head. They use that to lure fish close to their mouths. Once close they bite down on them.

Bottom line, you don’t want to put your hand or foot near one of these.

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