Owens to Add More Permanent Outdoor Seating

The city of North Wildwood’s Planning Board held its monthly meeting on September 14th. In this meeting, a few high-profile applications were heard and some were approved. One of those applications, No.: Z-2022-3-1 HHN, was heard and voted on. We believe that this application approval will make a lot of people happy.

First proposed during the Planning Board on August 10th, Application No.: Z-2022-3-1 HHN was for 119 E. 17th Avenue. This address is most commonly known as Owens Pub.

Those who have visited Owens pub these past few years may have noticed a change brought on by covid. Their parking lot, located to the right of the building, had been used for extra seating, an added bar, and dining with a large tent.

This had become such a hit that it looks like they wanted to make it more permanent.

One of the reasons they were allowed to have this extra space was due to relaxed laws that allowed businesses with extra land, to have outdoor dining areas. This went back to covid since tables were supposed to be six feet away from each other.

Some cities allowed these rules to stay in place after seeing positive feedback from the public.

There is where places like the Ravioli house, Anglesea Pub, and Owens really shined since they had extra land to keep these structures available.

Owens took it a step further and brought in a shipping container and converted it into a bar. it looks like this area though could be getting a bit bigger.

According to the application, Owens was seeking preliminary & final site plan approval for an outdoor seating area containing a ten (10) seat bar and tables containing a total of thirty-two (32) seats.

This application was approved during that September 14th meeting. 

Owens also had to get a ‘C’ variance relief in relation to off-street parking (25 off-street parking spaces are required whereas 11 off-street parking spaces are proposed).

This would mean that since they were adding more to the older parking lot, they would have to remove 14 parking spots.

Their application was approved! We are excited for the fall at Owens. They have their fire pits and heat lamps ready to go for the cold fall night.

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