Pacific Ave Redevelopment Plan To Be Revealed 

If there was only one meeting you should jump on Zoom and attend, this is it.

Pacific Ave Redevelopment Plan To Be Revealed

Pacific Ave Redevelopment Plan To Be Revealed

On Monday March 1st, the monthly Wildwood Planing and Zoning board meeting will take place.

The reason why this meeting is important is because Clarke Caton Hintz Architects, the firm hired to help redevelop Pacific Ave, will reveal their findings.

Over the past year, Clarke Caton Hintz Architects has spoken to the city, the businesses, the public, and poured over many documents to come up with a plan on how to bring the heart of the city back to life.

Clarke Caton Hintz Architects have a long history of helping cities redevelop sections of their town. From Asbury Park to New York, this firm has brought sections of towns back to life.

During this meeting we will see how they will turn our Pacific Ave back to the high energy spot it once was.

Clarke Caton Hintz firm goes on to say this about the plan;

“This plan constitutes a conceptual vision for the Redevelopment of the Pacific Avenue Corridor, the historic downtown of Wildwood.

The vision is articulated through plans, diagrams, illustrations and precedents that illustrate the desired scale and character for redevelopment of this District within the city.

The principles and Concepts have been vetted and developed through a robust stakeholder engagement process that included public, business, City / County government and developer input and guidance.

Ultimately this plan includes sufficient detail to serve as the basis for new zoning development design regulations Pacific Avenue corridor.

As the city of Wildwood is currently exploring the destination of the entire length of Pacific Avenue Corridor as an area in need of Redevelopment, the guidance provided in this plan may be incorporated as regulations within a Redevelopment plan for the Pacific Avenue corridor.”

For those who want to see what the future of our city could look like, I suggest you attend!!

For those looking to attend keep this information handy;

Members of the public can participate by phone by calling 1-669-224-3412 at 5 p.m. and using code: 765-143-053


ZOOM: Meeting ID: 274 477 4430  Code:  004400 or CLICK HERE

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