New Golf Cart Store Opening In Wildwood 

It seems like every single day we are learning that a new place is opening in the Wildwoods!

Orange Moose Golf Carts

Orange Moose Golf Carts

This amazing transformation that the island is going through is bringing a ton of different business to the island.

We learned today that a new Golf Cart Store will be opening in Wildwood called Orange Moose Golf Carts

Located at 3200 Park Boulevard in Wildwood, Orange Moose Golf Carts, will Not only rent golf carts but also rent and sell Pedego Electric Bikes.

Pedego Electric Bikes may sound familiar to you because they have a location in Cape May at 110 Park Blvd and will have new locations in Ocean City and Wildwood.

Currently they are hiring in both of these locations.

To find more information about jobs or rentals be sure to reach out to them at

We wish them the best of luck!!

You can check out a video of their place as they are getting it built. (below)

Be sure to give their Facebook page a LIKE.

This is now the third golf cart rental spot opening in the Wildwoods. This just shows you how much the times have changes.

One of the other places opening is Sun Reys Beach Rentals. To find more info about them click the link below.

Welcome Sun Reys Beach Rentals To North Wildwood

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