Pedestrians And Motorists Etiquette

This past Fourth of July weekend was absolutely amazing down here in the Wildwoods.

The beaches and Boardwalk were packed and for the first time since 2020, we felt some kind of normalcy.

Pedestrians And Motorists Etiquette

Pedestrians And Motorists Etiquette

We did get many comments and complaints about pedestrians and motorists etiquette so we decided to share with you the most up-to-date information the city has on file.

As you know, this weekend saw a massive flux of cars on the island. A few points over the weekend we saw people parking on Delaware Ave and walking down to the beach.

This meant that more people were crossing heavily trafficked roads such as New Jersey Ave.

Below is a list of how each party, Pedestrians And Motorists, should handle moving safely across the road.


Always cross at corners, within marked crosswalks where available.

– If crossing in other locations, yield the right of way to vehicles. Failure to obey the law carries a $54 fine (court costs additional; C.39:4-32, 33)

– Look left, right and left again before crossing. Watch for turning cars.

– Always walk facing traffic.

– Obey traffic signals, especially “Walk/Don’t Walk.”

– Remain alert! Don’t assume that cars are going to stop.

– Wear reflective clothing when walking at night.

  • Stay sober. Walking while impaired greatly increases your chances of being struck.


– Stop for pedestrians in marked crosswalks. Failure to stop carries a $200 (court costs additional) fine, a 2 point license penalty, 15 days community service, and insurance surcharges. (C.39:4-36)

– Watch for pedestrians when turning right on red.

– Obey speed limits.

– Do not block or park in crosswalks.

– Keep your windshield clean for maximum visibility.

  • Be alert for pedestrians at all times.

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