Remember These Wildwood Restaurants? – Page 1 

Remember These Wildwood Restaurants?

Remember These Wildwood Restaurants?

With the Wildwoods being over 135 years old (if you count Anglesea) the island has seen it’s share of iconic restaurants. In a Facebook poll this weekend we asked you all to name some of your favorite restaurants that are no longer around.

We took that list and put together the Top 10 ranking. [Note: this is a two page article. You have to click ‘Page 2’ at the bottom to see the top 5]

10 – The Hitching Post

The Hitching Post was located at 17th and Atlantic in North Wildwood. It was a big brown building with striped awnings. It was torn down in 2002

9 – Moore’s Inlet

Bud and Doris Moore really gave us the good life at Moore’s Inlet. Some would come for the Tuesday shrimp night but stay for bartender Al’s stories! It was torn down in 2005.

8 – Neil’s Steak House

They did have great food & drinks and some would say that Neil’s took up when Zaberers’ closed down. The building still stands today but recently a fire hit it hard. CLICK HERE for a tour of the building before the fire.

7 – Surfside Restaurant

Some came for the food while others came for the cool decor. Now this building/roof still exist as part of the Doo Wop Experience at Fox Park. The main building was torn down in 2002.

6 – The Wildwood Diner

Built in the 1950s by Superior Diner Company of Berlin, New Jersey and then shipped over in trucks. When the housing/condo empire was booming it was sold in 2005 to become condos and was knocked down in August 2006.