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Exploring An Abandoned Morey’s Piers Ride

Exploring An Abandoned Morey’s Piers Ride

Morey’s Piers was founded in 1969 after Will and Bill Morey decided to build a slide just off the boardwalk and on the beach. It’s been 51 years and Morey’s piers are still giving us plenty of fun.

In those 51 years the piers had seen many different changes. They grew from a slide to a full pier, to two piers and then three piers filled with amazing rides. As with parks all around the world there comes a time where these attractions come to their end of use and get removed.

Exploring An Abandoned Morey's Piers Ride

Exploring An Abandoned Morey’s Piers Ride

Let’s jump back in time to the 1970s. Morey’s Piers was looking for an exciting ride and found one in a unique building, a futuro home.

In 1975 Morey’s Piers brought this very odd looking building to their pier which was in the shape of a UFO “flying saucer.” It was craned on the pier and placed right in front of the Haunted House.

This building housed many different variations of the ride from “Star Trek,” “Planet of the Apes” and “Star Wars.”

This ride that was removed some time the 1980s and was forgotten…well not really.

While searching online I happen to come across the location of the now abandoned Morey’s pier ride and figured it would be cool to go check it out.

Join me as we explore this abandoned Morey’s Piers ride!

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