Remembering the Flying Dutchman Lounge

Through-out the decades there have been many amazing places to stay and get a drink.

For those who can remember, at one point there used to be a Holiday Inn motel here in the Wildwoods.

Remembering the Flying Dutchman Lounge

Remembering the Flying Dutchman Lounge

Located at 9601 Atlantic Ave in Diamond Beach, the Holiday Inn was built from Holiday Inn 1972 to 1973 and sat right on the beach.

The Holiday Inn was one of the first motels to be set up down in the ‘newer’ sections of the Wildwoods.

You knew you had arrived when the brightly lit Holiday Inn sign (in green and yellow) was in front of you.

One thing that really made this place stand out was the Flying Dutchman Lounge.

Located on the bottom floor, this bar was themed to recreate a pirate ship. Theming included ship masts, nautical paintings and a big wooden bar.

Besides The Playpen Night Club, the Flying Dutchman Lounge was the place to be.

The Flying Dutchman stood the test of time lasting longer than Noah’s Bar, the Water Flume, 40 Days and The Crow’s Nest restaurant.

Unfortunately during the Condo boom we saw the Holiday Inn and the Flying Dutchman Lounge demolished. (say 2006)

There is still a piece of the Flying Dutchman Lounge still around. During it’s demolition someone (to be un-named) rescued the bar and rebuilt it in their house.

In the video below you can check out what the rebuilt Flying Dutchman Lounge looks like now.

Photos by Brian Stead

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