Remembering The Golden Nugget Ride Farewell Ceremony

As you know I love to tell Wildwood history but today I stumbled upon something that I really wanted to spotlight.

Dark in the Park, which is a website and a YouTube page that specializes dark rides at different amusement parks around the country, uploaded a really awesome video about The Golden Nugget Mine Ride, or what we call it “The Golden Nugget.”

Just some pretense for those who don’t know about this ride.

The Golden Nugget Mine Ride debuted on Hunt’s Pier back in 1960. It was an indoor ride taking you through the depths of a mine. Through-out your journey you would encounter some interesting scenes.

Remembering The Golden Nugget Ride Farewell Ceremony

Remembering The Golden Nugget Ride Farewell Ceremony

After Hunt’s was closed and Dinosaur beach became existent, Morey’s Pier purchased the pier that Golden Nugget was on. It was their intention to reopen the ride but it deteriorated too much. The track would later be sold to another park and the show building torn down.

While we will go into more details for our own history video down the line, right now I want to direct you to what happened on January 31st 2009.

Almost 11 years ago Morey’s Piers held a special goodbye ceremony for the ride. I was in attendance and filmed a full video (which I will be sharing with you during my history video).

Just yesterday Dark in the Park, uploaded a news report that they put together that day! They interviewed a ton of folks including Jack Morey.

Check it out below!

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