Riggins On Rio Grande To NOT Purchase Popeyes Lot.

One thing we honestly do not like are rumors. Sometimes a rumor is reported as a fact while it indeed is not.

Riggins On Rio Grande To NOT Purchase Popeyes Lot

Riggins On Rio Grande To NOT Purchase Popeyes Lot

Lately we have been getting tons of questions about a rumor that’s going around saying that Riggins is purchasing the old Popeyes lot.

For those who don’t know, a year ago we broke the story that a Popeyes location would be taking up shop at the old Texaco gas station at 4800 Park Blvd.

If you want to read the full article or check out the renderings click the link below.

Wildwood’s Popeyes Renderings Released!

A few months after we posted that story we broke the news that the Riggins, located at 325 Rio Grande Ave, would be demolished to become a Sinclair Gas Station with stores.

You can check out that article and blue prints by clicking the link below.

(Doo-Wop) Sinclair Gas Station Coming To Wildwood

Now we come to tackling this rumor.

On Monday was spoke with Popeyes Corporate who did confirm that they have abandoned the location for a future Popeyes franchise.

Also on Monday we spoke to Riggins Corporate who said that “While we are always open to new opportunities to invest in the city of Wildwood, at this time we have no plans to acquire that property.”

It comes to show that sometimes rumors are not true and should not be reported as truth. (Always be careful on what you read online).

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