Rio Station Has SOLD!

The Rio Station, located at 3505 U.S. Route 9 in Rio Grande, New Jersey, has officially sold.

On April 1st many of you thought we were playing a joke on you when we wrote that it looked like the Rio Station would be selling.

This was based on a public notice application filed on March 30th for a person-to-person transfer of Plenary Retail Consumption License at that location.

The application said that the license would be transferred from Rio Station, Inc. to TSP Rio, LLC, trading as Rio Station Restaurant. 

Rio Station Has SOLD!

Rio Station Has SOLD!

This normally indicates that an establishment would be selling. A person usually wouldn’t sell a liquor license and not the actual location. (It has happened before but not in this case)

Today we can confirm that the Rio Station officially sold based on New Jersey public records.

It has been sold to the owners of the Surfing Pig located at 231 W 10th Ave, North Wildwood.

The deed of sale isn’t just the restaurant but also the empty lot that sits north of the main building. This lot measures roughly 220 ft by 166 ft and is bigger than the lot the Rio Station sits on.

There have been rumors about what would be happening to this property.

Going back years the ground around the Rio Station changed many times. For those who remember the Rio Bowling Lanes used to be behind the restaurant (Herald Inn at the time).

On the section where the current empty lot sits there used to be a house with a small garage. In 2004 that house was torn down and the owners of the Rio Station purchased it later on.

According to our sources, the restaurant will continue to run as the Rio Station for the rest of the summer.

After that many changes are rumored to be coming….Such change is a brand new restaurant located on that empty lot next to the Rio Station. Once built it’s rumored that the Rio Station will be torn down to become a parking lot.

We wish the new crew the best of luck with their new restaurant.

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