Runaway Tram Is Moving Fast!

Runaway Tram Is Moving Fast!

Runaway Tram Is Moving Fast!

Since the parts for Morey’s Piers new coaster “The Runaway Tram,” were delivered last week, Morey’s has been making great progress on the ride.

Yesterday Morey’s Piers took delivery of the last part of the trains including a funny last car that includes a upset tram car attendant.

All week Morey’s maintenance crew have been putting up the supports for the coaster. Below is what the supports look like from the pier. My guess is that they won’t do any more work on it until Tuesday when the pier is shut down.

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You can also see the outline of the ride platform which will be off the ground.

Check out the photos below and let us know what you think about it!

Photos by Neil S and Samuel S

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