The Retro Arcade Is Back In Wildwood

The Retro Arcade Is Back In Wildwood

The Retro Arcade Is Back In Wildwood

We have an amazing announcement for you guys today!!

Earlier this week Randy from the old retro arcade at the Boardwalk mall and Randyland reached out to me to tell me that something big is coming to the Wildwood Boardwalk. He didn’t give me any details at first and so I was going crazy trying to guess what it could be.

I finally made it up later that day and to my surprise I was so excited to see the flashing Retro Arcade sign at his location at magnolia and the boardwalk.

Randy worked tirelessly to big us a Bigger and Better retro arcade and most importantly Fascination is back!!!!

This location is more than just a retro arcade but also a museum. Randy was able to add props and ride cars from historic Wildwood rides.

From Jungle Cruise, Wacky Shack, Dracula’s Castle to The Golden Nugget, Randy has everything!!

I was able to have a tour of the location with Randy!  Thank you Randy for meeting with me and allowing me to film!

Check out our video below.

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